Watching the Box in a Box*


Here are two views of the grandchildren watching”the box” while sitting in a box.  A portion of one was in the Lost in the Details yesterday.

Thanks to a wonderful fellow blogger, S – Another Day in Paradise –  who wrote this comment on yesterday’s Weekly Photo Challenge and inspired today’s post.   ( she is originally from England, now South Africa and Florida)

*“Wonderful selection of photos, Ruth. I absolutely love the “Watching TV in a box.” In England, the TV is often called “The box,” so you could have titled it “Watching the box in a box.”


Watching the Box in a Box



These were taken about four years ago

Watching the Box in a Box




17 thoughts on “Watching the Box in a Box*

  1. Cozy seats – really keeps the kids contained. Erica is problably happy to not have all those diaper boxes now!!

  2. Hehehe…..I’m so glad you posted these fun photos, Ruth. They’re really cute. Kids really do love to play with the packaging, sometimes even rather than their toys. I remember many years ago in England, my daughter used to play for hours in the cardboard boxes which stuff was delivered in. 😀

  3. I know they enjoyed driving their box cars with the steering wheel drawn on. Oh how I remember these days when I was young.


  4. We used to move a lot, so there were often a lot of packing boxes in the basement. Our kids used to build all sorts of things out of them -big boxes became houses or stores; little ones were tables etc.

  5. Great title for this post. I wonder what it is about kids and boxes? I was the same way as a child – I LOVED being in small spaces. In fact, this just spurred a memory – I may have to share it on my blog today. 🙂

    • Thanks for all your nice comments on the blog today, Stef. Glad the pictures bring pleasant memories for you. THanks for the mention on the commercial for Calgon. I went and saw your commercial and laughed too. Crazy.

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