Weekly Photo Challenge: Neighborhood

Phoneography special. The weekly photo challenge I have been talking about it for days.  Unable to do it for a variety of reasons. Out of town.  Too dark.  Many people shoot with their phones.  All day, everyday.  Don’t think much of it, the photos sit and take up space. They have them in the phone and that’s about it.

This is just a snippet.

Tonight Steve drove us over to Shadyside for 1/2 price burger night at Shady Grove.   I’ve added some shots around town I already had in the phone. This is not an attractive time of year to showcase where I live.  If you want to see Pittsburgh at it’s best you can check out Francine in Retirement  of Frizz in Germany.  I take photos of Pittsburgh frequently.  This is a collection of the everyday.  The Historical Marker is where musician Billy Eckstine lived in my neighborhood.

The snowy park is the neighborhood I live in Highland Park.  There are 80 neighborhoods in our city.  The edges of neighborhoods are where I drive through everyday to school and across the bridge, over the Monongahela.  I’ve thrown in a few you’ve seen before just to round out the gallery.

Last Wednesday’s view of the Highland Park Entrance.  The second one is what my driveway looked like!  It’s all gone now.

IMG_4627 (1) IMG_4574 IMG_6867 IMG_6865 IMG_6864 IMG_6863 IMG_6862 IMG_6859 IMG_6857 IMG_6855 IMG_6854 IMG_6853 IMG_6852 IMG_6851 IMG_6850 IMG_6849

16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Neighborhood

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  2. I think your selection of photos is great, Ruth, and typical of the neighborhoods most of us call home. I’ll take a real neighborhood over a high-rise apartment over-looking Central Park any day.

  3. Enjoyed the wonderful ride with you along familiar roads. Thanks for mentioning my blog and your support and encouragement.


  4. these are beautiful, especially the ones featuring the blue night sky. thank you , Ruth.

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  6. Loved the photo of the cobble stone street…reminded me of the one I played on when I was a child growing up in that Great City!

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