Black Pussywillow Branches Cast Wall Shadows

When we lived in Germany, we’d get  Pussywillow with fuzzy gray shapes along the branch and hang wooden eggs and rabbit ornaments to make an Easter Tree.

Add MediaI’d never seen Black Pussywillows until Wednesday night at my friend J’s home.  I was to take a photograph over to her and the evening  turned into an impromptu supper.  My crazy part is I went over without the picture I was to take.      J followed me back to my house after we ate and got the photograph to take back to her own home but she didn’t seem to mind.

 A great blog post  about this unusual looking plant is here. The Latin name (Salix gracilistylus ‘Melanostachys’)


Black Pussywillow

 I can’t remember the name/type of ceramic vase holding the branches. (Taken with the iPhone)

10 thoughts on “Black Pussywillow Branches Cast Wall Shadows

  1. What an odd plant, Ruth. I read about it and thought that I had the perfect spot for one — until I read that it spreads by runners. I’m already raging war against vines that I planted and that are popping up out of the ground everywhere, including my neighbors’ yards. After that, just knowing that black pussy willows exist is good enough for me. 🙂

  2. The shadow of the vase is perfect for this shot. We had a beautiful pussy willow in Morris Plains, always a favorite. (never saw a black one though) Thanks Ruthie

  3. I’ve never seen black pussy willows. Great picture! Also, where did you live in Germany? We did the Easter Egg tree too! Loved Germany, compliments of the US Army!!!

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