Weekly Photo Challenge: Change


Have you ever tried to?

Change your mind about something or someone?

Change-the  only constant of our lives.

Oh, you changed your hair.

“You’ve got to change, baby”

Change trains.

I have a friend who can change the subject on a dime.

Many people don’t enjoy change.

I can change a diaper. Four quarters for a buck.  Switch directions in the car when necessary.  Change lanes.

But change?

Really truly change.   Change my ways.  Change my habits.  Change my thinking?

Lots of people are worrying about Climate Change.

Subtle change, drastic change.

Here are some suggested change illustrations-

Hot Dog Vendor checks his supply of change.

Architecture changes over time.

The window dresser changes the window.

Waiting for the red light to change.

And you can always count on the weather to change,

the seasons to change-

although sometimes the pace is agonizingly slow.


Thanks to everyone who sent good words for the milestone 1300th post.  Now what?  Can’t change it up now, so here’s  #1301.














This is a sad change- what it looked like about 7 years agoLunchbox New York City

The Lunchbox


















On the way into school Friday morning.  Steeler umbrella, daffodils, new green grass and a Spring rain NOT snow! A change for the better.



17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

  1. for me the window display and the daffodils … and all those words about change … a constant in our lives thank goodness 😀

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  3. A great set of responses to the challenge, Ruth, Besides, any post that contains a David Bowie reference or, better still, an audio track, is aces in my book. 🙂

  4. I love this ccc-change song from Bowie ! It’s hard to make some change in life, but it can be a big surprice for us

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