Kids Marvel at Typewriter

In this age of devices and flat screen tv, the kids marvel at my friend V’s typewriter. She said remembers how she used to type her college term papers on it in the early 70’s.
Michael (7) was fascinated with Tin-Tin and  inspired by the typewriter he saw in the movie. He asked if I could bring one out to Ohio. V had given this to Laura when L was in high school. I had it in the hall closet. Michael typed the name of each member of the family and the others were mesmerized.


8 thoughts on “Kids Marvel at Typewriter

  1. A lot less work was expected of students before the computer age. Remember carbon paper and fixing mistakes-yikes! Love that Michael is at the keyboard

  2. I fail to realize just how fast technology is progressing until i see a child confront a relic from MY past, like a typewriter, a transistor radio with 1 earplug, 8 track players, etc, etc, etc, It’s a great shot, Ruth.

  3. I once showed my kids a typewriter eraser (the ones with the brush on it) – they couldn’t even guess what it was.

  4. I love this photo and I love to see my old typewriter recycled! I remember typing an entire page on it and making a mistake on the last line . . . and then having to type the entire page again. My professors didn’t permit erasures or white-outs. UGH! I praise the invention of the computer. It’s made life so much easier.

  5. you are resurrecting a past that is so near yet so far behind ! kids should know these things now, instead of revisiting them in archeology !!

  6. I love the intent looks on all those little faces! I’m sure it could entertain them for hours. I still have one of the first Selectric electric typewriters but the “l” key doesn’t work anymore. I have to concentrate on not using words with l’s in them!

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