Dinner, Sunday

Late Sunday afternoon, I drove across the river to shop for dinner ingredients and some fruit for lunches this week.  The larder was looking a bit sparse. It was either go shop or eat another grilled cheese and/or egg sandwich.  M and I had just talked on the phone, earlier in the day about wanting a real meal.  She was thinking Thanksgiving like.  I opted for meat and potatoes.

At the meat counter I asked the butcher for two petite steaks (on sale).  Not too big.  It’s funny about meat.  Sometimes it actually turns me and I can’t even think about eating it, and other times I am actually craving a serving.  It was one of those days of wanting it. Not thinking about it having a face.

Came home and sautéed an organic yellow onion in some Amish butter and then sliced up a box of fresh mushrooms.  Baby Romaine salad with Steve’s favorite brown Clamato tomato( I swear they look chocolate)  and a drizzle of olive oil and red wine vinegar.  Garlic smashed Russets.

After I plated the food, I used the phone to capture the dinner.  Feeling ready for the start of a new week, fortified.

Steak dinner

10 thoughts on “Dinner, Sunday

  1. You must have gone to Whole Foods. We get those brown tomatoes there. Also like the Compari ones and the little grape tomatoes. Good all year – until the summer home grown ones arrive. Dinner looks good!!

  2. Looks good, but as I look at that plate, I’m counting up the number of calories in my head. Not on my 1,000 calorie-a-day diet!! Hope you enjoyed that meal for me!!

  3. Everything but the steak looks wonderful! 🙂 Usually a physical craving for a specific food means the body is low in (or at times, completely deficient in) a certain vitamin or mineral. Usually a craving for meat means the body needs more iron – which can be consumed in other ways, too. Just saying. 😉

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