What the Kids Saw When They Got Home From the Pool



Jack, Anna, Maura and Michael got out of the van after swimming practice.



Cutting Down Tree


The sound of a chain saw goes right through me.  The sound that is…..



Twenty Year Old Tree


Shot with the iPhone camera-  the kids counted twenty rings

The men are coming back to grind up the trunk.   Mark and Erika are thinking of planting a Dogwood Tree.





The firewood shot with the iPhone camera.


and the before photo of the Ash Tree in the front yard


The Ash Tree


Mark and Erika said the tree had been hit by lightning.

Frazier's  Landscaping


My dad used to play The Ash Grove on the piano.

4 thoughts on “What the Kids Saw When They Got Home From the Pool

  1. Many of us have lost ash trees to the Emerald Ash Borer, an ash tree-killing insect from Asia, identified in Ohio in 2003. The pest has since spread from the initial detection in near Toledo to nearly all other parts of the state. Last spring we had three ash trees taken down in our yard (near Cleveland).

  2. When the trees in our backyard came down, it was sad. They were a danger but I still miss all nature’s activity that centered around them.

  3. Sad as it is to lose a tree, there are few things more hopeful than the planting of one. I bet it fuels the Grandkid’s imaginations, Ruth. 🙂

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