Hail Stones and Shifty Weather

Sun, clouds, half sun, half clouds.  Thunder. Lightning.  Still some blue sky.  

I don’t usually report on the weather but my sister and I have relocated to the midwest and with a flat terrain, it’s different to experience weather with a giant bowl of a sky overhead instead of jigsaw puzzle pieces of sky, broken up by buildings and trees and land. 

Maura got a penny so we could compare the size of the hailstones. She called it the “ice show”  

The kids ran around and collected them and put them on the concrete drive.  Steam rose from the asphalt after the storm as the temperature had been so hot.  

Single Hailstone







Hail stones and a penny












The newest addition to the family – Airedale Terrier  puppy  Henry.  

Here is he checking out the hailstones.










Afternoon Ohio SkyLate Afternoon Ohio Sky




A tall shadow at dusk




Tall shadow at dusk








7 thoughts on “Hail Stones and Shifty Weather

  1. Great photos, Ruth. Glad you only had hail photos to show and not hail damage. Good to see Henry found his way to their home. He will be loved, that’s for sure!

  2. That’s impressive! There were big storms in Pittsburgh last night! Love the new dog, and the photos of the grandkids!! Special rays of sunshine!!

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