Whose Chair?

Found in McMurray PA on my way home from a First Bday party last Saturday evening.  I’d pulled off the main road cause I was traveling the wrong direction. Before I went to pull out I was able get the camera off my seat as I sat at a stop sign and catch this chair. Canon 70-200 lens on 5D.  I shot at ISO 100 and I wish I had changed it to 4oo.

McMurray PA

10 thoughts on “Whose Chair?

  1. Clearly someone did not want that chair anymore. I wonder what stories it would tell? Great post and photo Ruth. Thanks for sharing hon. 😀 *hugs*

  2. That is where most college kids get their furniture …. curbside. When I visited my kids at college the joke was that they thought they should should put plastic wrap on the furniture; otherwise their mother would not sit on it. Well, it wasn’t really a joke.

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