What We Found When We Went to Brush Our Teeth

Photographed by Anna (9+)  with the iPhone.  When I am staying with the family ( since I am out of school for the summer), I get help documenting-

“for the blog”.

You might remember Anna found the pick up truck full of mannequin legs last winter and captured the scene with her mom’s iPhone.


Sink full of airplane
Jack’s (6) plane- landed in a sink full of water earlier in the day.



I like that she changed up her angle on the second shot and found the unfortunate figure beneath the plane at the bottom of the sink




11 thoughts on “What We Found When We Went to Brush Our Teeth

  1. Like landing on the Hudson — but someone didn’t make it out. Cute seeing Anna in the mirror as she snaps the photo!! Nice work!

    • Thank you. Did you ever step on his Lego in bare feet? It is fun to find their toys where they are set up to play, you are right.

  2. Love that little tube of toothpaste left on the side of the basin. You know some little guy was brushing his teeth and got distracted with making a tight landing!

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