Ohio State Fair – Columbus Ohio

Today’s post is primarily people.  A few animals. Or people and animals.  The food highlights will be a separate post.  Stay tuned for a Deep Fried Buckeye.  No, I didn’t eat it but someone let me photograph theirs.

I accompanied two moms and seven children!  We had a wonderful afternoon.   Perfect summer day.  Last year our visit to the fair was cut short by a severe thunderstorm.  If you are new to the blog you can check it out here

Keep Cool Fans


Fans from the egg farmers- outside the Taste of Oho Pavillion-  four of them are my grandchildren.  Three are their friends.




I'm in a Fowl Mood

Thanks for letting me photograph your shirt in the Taste of Ohio Pavillion

Thanks Guys Top banana



No, not going to guess my weight or age today!



Union General


Union General  from the Civil War Encampment checks out the cowgirl boots




Boy and Cow


Being taken back to the livestock/ stall area after showing






Abe Lincoln


Abe Lincoln chats with fairgoers




Cowgirl Boots


Cowgirl Boots galore




AIrbrush T shirt Art


Airbrush artist




No Firearms


Posting a No Firearms sign on the Dairy Pavillion




Pirates on Stilts



Jack and Drew talk to the Pirate about missing treasure




At the Cardinal gate.

Bent Traffic Cone

Bent traffic cone and Ohio State Trooper giving directions


Jack  Milked a cow


Jack milked a cow. Why he put the sticker on his mouth is beyond me.We did not put it there!




Watching the pig races



Watching the pig races



weaving a scarf


Weaving a scarf




Ohio Fair Band


Rousing band music




checking the bags of wool

Checking the bags of wool




Walking her horse


The horse barn



sleeping with the livestock


Sleeping near the livestock



napping at the fairCatching a quick nap behind the concession stands




milking the cow

Waiting in line to milk the cow



horse stall


Looking down the walkway lined with horse stalls



Ohio State Fair

Exhausted. This woman takes a nap on the grass.


Perfect summer day.  Last year our visit to the fair was cut short by a severe thunderstorm.  If you are new to the blog you can check it out here


23 thoughts on “Ohio State Fair – Columbus Ohio

  1. I love fairs. In past years I could get someone to go with me. Now a days no one will go. I enjoyed the pictures. Thanks for bringing back memories.

  2. My mother showed her heifer at the Ohio State Fair (long time ago) and won a prize. It has a long tradition. Thanks for sharing

  3. For half a second I thought the men’s image at the Cardinal booth was a mirror – I was very surprised when I realized it was two men who just happened to look a LOT alike! Great captures. I’m interested to see the food later on….

    • Thanks Stef. Here is the food post today. Not sure what you would try but it is pretty interesting to me. I didn’t eat it, though. Just marvel at those who do.

  4. Thanks for sharing – it brought back of happy memories of the County Fair here in South Park. I loved to go when I was a little girls.

  5. My first thought as I glanced at your 1st photo- ” Look @ those colorful shoes- each a different shade and color. ” It could be the basis of a back to school advertisement.

  6. Absolutely stunning shots Ruth! Looked like it was very enjoyable. I should have had the “fowl mood” T-shirt today to wear. 😆

  7. Great shots!
    I see President Lincoln is still alive!
    The person sleeping behind that fan – I’d be afraid that would fall on me.

  8. Love the disclaimer that accompanied Jack’s pic. I doubt anyone who’s read your blog would think that any of you would ever do something like that to one of the kids. Too cute!

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