Aunt Suzanne Baked the Cake for Niece Grace’s Graduation Party

Lehigh Cake (6)Steve and I attended a fun high school graduation party Saturday night. The cake was something to see.  And eat!

Graduate Grace’s Aunt Suzanne baked and decorated this elaborate and tasty creation. Made with a whole lot of love!!

The bottom half was Anniversary Cake, vanilla cake made with buttermilk.   The top layer a homemade chocolate cake.  Then seedless raspberry preserves in between the layers,  topped with rich chocolate buttercream icing. Lehigh was spelled out in white rolled fondant lettering, cut with an x-acto knife.

Not only did it look good but it tasted delicious.  Aunt Suzanne said the Anniversary Cake called for almond extract but you could use vanilla or lemon zest to flavor it.

Happy High School Graduation Grace and all the best as your start your college life at Lehigh

and great job on the cake, Aunt Suzanne!

Lehigh Cake





table decorations


Tiny jelly  and mason jars with candles and raffia bows around the rims of the jars and summer flower centerpieces





Mookie the Golden Doodle loves all the attention

Party at night

Getting Dark Outside

Graduation Party

Backyard conversation



11 thoughts on “Aunt Suzanne Baked the Cake for Niece Grace’s Graduation Party

  1. If there was no pie available this would be the cake I would eat. Looks really good and you can tell time and love was involved in its creation.

  2. Thanks for the positive comments! I also prefer PIE!
    Your photos are stunning, Ruth, particularly the patio shot!
    It is always good to see you.

    • This was so much fun to see right after the party, Ruth! Thank you for coming and sharing your talents…now we have proof that we pulled this off! Of course, without my sister and her husband, it wouldn’t have been possible…and, yes, the cake was as delicious as it looked. If the Lehigh Admissions Dept. sees this, you’re in trouble, Suzanne!

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