Mother Goose

Storybook Forest- Idlewild Park , Ligonier, PA.  Nestled in a dark green forest…..

Aunt Linda talked to a worker who said the Old Woman in the Shoe was not at home in her shoe was because she had to fill in and be Mother Goose in the late afternoon.

But to the kids, this was Mother Goose, no questions asked.

Mother gooseJack, Cousin Parker and sister Maura are listening attentively as she asks them about a giant in the forest.  Jack knew right away who we needed to find.

8 thoughts on “Mother Goose

  1. This lady looks like the perfect Mother Goose. (Though I think if she had been wearing wire-rimmed glasses that may have put her over the edge of perfection.) 🙂


  2. As a kid, my folks would take me to Ligonier and Story Book Forest. My fondest memory was climbing the castle tower. It is still there but you can no longer climb it and all the cute little windows are boarded up. So sad! But it is great they kept the rest of that park active for the newer generations to enjoy.


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