Pirate Ship at Idlewild Park- Soaking Up the Last Days of Summer Fun

PirateShip at Idlewild ParkI was an observer, not a participant.  The grandkids’ teeth were chattering by the time we headed out of the Soak Zone portion of Idlewild Park.

They really loved the wave pool, too.

Not sure who the girl is running to the tipping bucket, spilling the chilly water for the kids to play.  Brrrrrr.  They had a great time going down the curvy water slides.   One of the workers said some of her colleagues had already left to return to college (why only one trolley was running at the Mr. Rogers Neighborhood ride.)   Enjoying being with the family these last days of summer.

It was much a much cooler day than expected in August.  You can feel the hint of fall in the air.  Especially at night.

8 thoughts on “Pirate Ship at Idlewild Park- Soaking Up the Last Days of Summer Fun

  1. What a fun place to play! The image looks like a brilliant summer day – and yet, looks can be deceiving. It’s getting quite cool here in the evenings as well; nice for sleeping, but not so nice for water parks. But kids don’t care about such “sensible” things (which is part of what makes being around kids so fun). 🙂

  2. This looks like a whole lotta fun, Ruth, even for the observers. I can almost hear the kids’ laugher. Our temps are on the upswing. Claims of Fall’s early arrival seem to have been a bit premature — I hope.

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