Happy 11th Wedding Anniversary- August 17th

On the church steps of Immaculate Heart of Mary in Polish Hill Pittsburgh PA.

A cool day today.  Not so on the actual wedding day 11 years ago. We went to 4 o’clock mass with the family.  Immaculate Heart of Mary Steps

My son Mark and his bride Erika and  Anna, Maura, Michael and Jack, on the church steps.


14 thoughts on “Happy 11th Wedding Anniversary- August 17th

  1. I was on my way home from the beach so I had to send Andy Augustine. I am sure he played well. Please send my congratulations.

  2. Happy Anniversary. Thanks to Ruthie we have had the JOY of watching your beautiful family grow

  3. Happy Anniversary Mark and Erika. I look forward to wishing you well in the years to come : )

  4. What a day to remember. How things have changed. A beautiful couple and a beautiful family. Congratulations to all!!

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