Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

Demonstrate the concept of FOCUS in a new post.  Focus. Out of focus. Chain link fence should be this week’s challenge for me.

Focus is an ongoing challenge not limited to this week.

I often shoot through a chain link fence.

Living in the city there’ a lot of it.

Sometimes the fence is in focus and sometimes it’s the  blurred fence and the focus on what I see behind the fence.  What I was going for in the first place.

A continuous study of depth of field.   I am constantly telling my students to develop a photographic practice so one can improve.

Chain Link Focus




Chain Link Focus (1)






Chain Link Focus (2)





Coney Island Focus (1)


Just look at the sharp focus on the garbage, the fence is almost invisible.  Why do I always try to shoot something with a barrier between?  And why am I attracted to trash?  Mmmmm.



Coney Island Focus


Closer object/ street light is in sharp focus……….ooops, no chain link fence in this one.




Coney Island Focus (2)


Through iron bars, does nicely, too.


NYC Focus (9)


From the school parking lot- through a chain link fenceNYC Focus (6)

Focused fence, out of focus houses. Bloomfield



NYC Focus (1)

Can’t see those cookbooks in the display for the window frame either.


NYC Focus (3)

Shadyside, after weekend.  Howe Street.


NYC Focus

Thought this one went nicely with the series even though it would have been impossible to get a sharp focus of the reflection of the building.

19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

  1. I’ve taken quite a few of these through the fence shots too so I guess I could have submitted one for the challenge. The difference is, I’m never in control of the end result- just ever hopeful it’ll turn out well. 🙂

  2. Stunning focus shots Ruth and I can see you had lots of fun experimenting. The window shot is my favourite. Thanks for sharing hon. 😀 *hugs*

  3. I always think of fences as just something in the way of pictures and try to avoid them. I guess they can really be part of the picture.

  4. i like the idea of all those chain link fences … and your different points of focus … catching a different mood or story, well done!

  5. This is a great technique for shooting captive birds and animals too. Came in handy at our local Center for Birds of Prey whic treats injured raptors. Well done!

  6. My favorite was the cookbook/pink carnation kitchen picture. Don’t know why — I just know what I like!!

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