PNC Park- Pirates Beat St.Louis

When you take a photograph, you realize the limitations of the medium. One tries to capture the scene for the viewer to share later.
The photographer chooses what to focus on and catch- and it’s exasperating at times.
The frozen frame can’t recreate the moment, the atmosphere and surroundings entirely.
The sound of boat horns, traffic rushing by below, a blimp circling overhead, the thousands of fans roar or collective sigh….

Take one


The tug and barge in the river are set for fireworks night by the Zambelli

Option two- iPhone panorama


Another panorama


after the night game (8)


Read the New York Times article and see a video – Pittsburgh’s Stirring Leap from the Abyss20130902-054434.jpg


9 thoughts on “PNC Park- Pirates Beat St.Louis

  1. I like the contrasts created in photo #1- the reflections of the lights creating gray / silver bands of shades in the water and the golden finish on the bridge.

  2. Every medium does have its limits – even being at the event “live” is still limited by one’s perceptions and awareness (or lack thereof). An interesting koan to ponder…

  3. Your Bucs leapt from the abyss my Cubs have seemingly called home. Was just there again today. Another loss.
    Great night time shots, Ruth, especially of the fireworks.

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