150 Acres of Mountain Craft Days in Somerset PA

About an hour and a half away from the city, Mountain Craft Days take place at the Somerset Historical Center grounds.  This year was the 44th year for the event!

V saw it mentioned on TV  and it look interesting so she suggested we go.

Clear weather and lots of interesting demonstrations –  here is a sampling of what we saw-  blacksmithing, log splitting, cider making, basket making, spinning, lacemaking, pewter making, wood carving, felting and knitting, weaving, soap making,  food preparation and if you are into “coopering” you can even get some materials and supplies at the Center to make your barrels.

Dulcimer music wafted through the woods, the smell of wood fire.  A bagpiper walking down the path and some Civil War reenactors with drums and fifes marching past the covered bridge.  Bought some dried apples that were nothing but apples, very tasty and tried a Maple Walnut sundae with real maple syrup.

The Broom Maker- Lone Oak Brooms – Bob Haffly from Amberson PA

He was so nice and said I could photograph him when I asked.   We watched him make a broom from start to finish and it was amazing to see.  You can watch the YouTube video of his making a broom below.

Who knew there were so many different types of brooms.   Brooms for kitchen floors and brooms for concrete floors and whisk brooms and all handmade with a machine made in the late 1800’s.  Seriously.

MAz and the Rockets Red Glare (18)


MAz and the Rockets Red Glare (12)



Bob Haffly Broom maker



A carousel horse carver

Carousel Carving




woman with basket

Woman walking down the path carrying a basket





Lacemakers from Five Rivers Bobbin Lacemakers    You can try your hand at it, right on site!




Blacksmith and Storytelling



White Oak BasketsWhite Oak Basket Making


Dulcimer Music





Fried Mush

Fried Mush   Lots of wood fires burning




A bagpiper walking and playing along the path

Log Cabin

The log cabin and the cooking demonstration were interesting.

Honey Bees


An apiarist explained how he harvests the honey.


Bread baked in a Dutch Oven

The loaves of bread baked in the Dutch Oven.



cooking in fireplace

Glowing coals inside the log cabin called a Settler’s Cabin.


Fife and Drum



Be sure to go and watch Bob Haffly craft a broom on YouTube

12 thoughts on “150 Acres of Mountain Craft Days in Somerset PA

  1. Beautiful story told through these pictures— I love that people still make items by hand.

  2. Looks like a great place to spend an afternoon, RUth. I would find lace making fascinating. How ever does she keep things in order? As for the broom maker, I need to check the maker of my last broom purchase. That broom has proven to be worth less than the stuff it sweeps. Your Mr. Hafly needn’t worry. I bought mine at one of the big box stores. I very much doubt he’d have anything to do with them. I should follow his lead. 🙂

  3. The broom making was very interesting. I bet you enjoyed this day. Thanks for sharing. Lovely pictures.

  4. I enjoyed all your photos of the people dressed in period costumes and the things they were making and baking. All of the wonderful outdoor arts and crafts fairs have started here now. I hope to go to some of them as they are from now until November and of course, lots of indoor Christmas festivals, too.

  5. These brooms are just like the ones the Africans sell in South Africa. It was interesting to see how they are made. Fascinating photos of this very busy craft market. 🙂

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