Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!











Liberty Tunnel

Note the Pirates Flag at the mouth of the Liberty Tunnel- Red ligh

Of course I posted the Pittsburgh at daybreak and then they call for GOOD MORNING challenge

Some new  some from the archives.




La Prima Espresso







sunrise (2)




sunrise (1)

School buses arrive at school



Sunrise in the windows of school

Vending Machine


Vending machine loading at Hudson River NYC



Farm Machinery


Behind farm machinery in Ohio



cross countryCross country meet at Schenley Park

20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

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  5. Even after I read your comment about the Pirates sign in your first pic, I had to look for several seconds before I saw it. Great eye once again Miss Ruth! I loved the girls track meet pic, and the farm equipment image. Both were very compelling to me.

  6. Nothing says good morning like a good breakfast – we are spending a good morning in the red cliffs of Utah.

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  9. Ruth – II really like the photo of the cross country meet at Schenley Park. I have fond memories of being on the cross country team (and the track team) at Oliver high School, and we had almost all of our meets at either Schenley Park or Riverview Park. And at the end of the season, we had the city-wide meet at Schenley Park. What I think is particularly significant – and shows how much our society has changed for the better – is that this particular cross country meet is a woman’s meet. When I graduated from Oliver High school – way back in the Stone Age, 1965 – we had no women’s sports teams whatsoever. Absolutely none. At that time, I think the only sports activities for women at Oliver High School – and probably every other public high school in Pittsburgh – were some intramural volleyball games. Of course, a lot of things have changed since Title 9! (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Title_IX). Anyway, it’s really encouraging to see such a significant change! And, incidentally it’s a terrific photo.

  10. Great set of shots, Ruth. It’s a sure sign that Fall is here when you see the school busses lined up in the dawn’s early light. That was some cross country meet!

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