10 thoughts on “Some People Go All Out for Halloween

  1. I haven’t seen any decorations up for Halloween. Of course I’ve only been home for a day.

  2. We’re Halloween scrooges this year. I haven’t put anything up. And – I probably won’t this year. But – we do have our costumes & I will be giving out candy too! 🙂

  3. 3G Gallery is celebrating Halloween this year. We have a wonderful tribute to horror film star Bela Lugosi…known best for his 1931 role as DRACULA.

  4. That’s a lot of gear for a holiday. We have a house on the corner that does an inflatable for each of the major fall holidays; right now a 7′ tall witch is electronically stirring a cauldron.

  5. Great house, Ruth! I hope they host a Halloween party, too. Around here, there are a few homes decorated but none like the one you shared. It rained today and some of the ghosts, hanging from the trees, poor things, look like more like dirty laundry than specters. 🙂

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