Mona Lisa, Jesus, Everything Must Go – City Street Views








Mona Lisa Bowl


Lawrenceville Sidewalk





Point Breeze Corner



couch and trash


Braddock Ave Near Penn Ave




Everything must go

Just last year they had new Fall arrivals- see post




drummersDrummers on the corner of 40th Street



afghan cover


None of these are stellar shots, but the collection of random sampling – what I see when I drive around the different parts of the city, makes for an interesting hodge podge.

What do you see where you live that catches your eye today?


11 thoughts on “Mona Lisa, Jesus, Everything Must Go – City Street Views

  1. Ruth, these work for me. You might continue doing this for awhile. Then, once the collection has sufficient numbers edit it into a completed set.

  2. I love your random samples and I actually knew the people that owned that Mens Shop. He was a neighbor.

  3. The afghan colors made me think of a Sock Monkey. I expect to see one peeking out from a corner of the quilt.

  4. Great collection, Ruth. We all pass through similar scenery every time we drive in the city but few take note. Just look at what we’ve been missing.

  5. Ruthie you have taught us to look beyond what we first see. Thank you Wonderful collection

    • P.S. I love the title of this post. Granted, I had a different thought about what I would see when I arrived at this page, but still, I like it. πŸ™‚

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