Reports of a “Light Turnout”

voter receipt

Election Day.  No students at school.  No lines to vote.  Many people stayed home from the polls today.

I heard the comments, “it’s a done deal.”    “Why bother?”      “My vote won’t make a difference in the outcome” “It’s already decided”

The 19th Amendment  (Women’s Right to Vote) was ratified in 1920.

Even if you’re frustrated with politics, exasperated with politicians or feel powerless to affect change, it’s important to exercise your right to cast your ballot. In many places in the world, you’re denied this opportunity.

21 thoughts on “Reports of a “Light Turnout”

  1. That is the problem with the privileged Ruth. Even here in India, the educated sit in glass living rooms cribbing. But it never fails to amaze me how our uneducated masses always ensure the right result! Every single time! It is another matter that their choice is limited to the devil and the deep blue sea.

  2. Sing it, Ruth! The right to vote is our most precious. You’ve no right to complain if you cannot take the time to mark a ballot. Pure and simple.

  3. So true! Thanks for posting Ruth; we all need to be reminded how precious (and fragile) democracy is.

  4. So many times I haven’t wanted to vote for any of the candidates on the ballot (how I wish there was a box for “None of the Above!”) but I can’t ever imagine myself not voting, it’s too precious an action on my part, our parts.

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