Election Day in Pennsylvania

Polls opened at 7.  There was already a line when I arrived at 6:57.

img_1010I wore my Grand Old Flag socks.

I thought of all those who came before me, my great grandmothers who weren’t allowed to vote, how others fought and died (and are still) to give me this right.

I am grateful.


Reports of a “Light Turnout”

voter receipt

Election Day.  No students at school.  No lines to vote.  Many people stayed home from the polls today.

I heard the comments, “it’s a done deal.”    “Why bother?”      “My vote won’t make a difference in the outcome” “It’s already decided”

The 19th Amendment  (Women’s Right to Vote) was ratified in 1920.

Even if you’re frustrated with politics, exasperated with politicians or feel powerless to affect change, it’s important to exercise your right to cast your ballot. In many places in the world, you’re denied this opportunity.

You Get 200 Selections on this Machine- Vote Now!

This is from a friend’s birthday party last January.  A Juke Box not a voting machine.  Through the Years.

I thought some of the titles could  be put to good use after the election results are in. Seems everyone has lost their sense of humor these days. Friendships and families, relationships strained.  Every individual is pretty certain they are correct in their thinking and can’t fathom why anyone might feel totally opposite or even a few inches opposite.

 Help,  I’m Down, or Chances Are .  

and for some it will be Celebration and Big Girls Don’t Cry.

We’ll skip Stormy.

What about This Masquerade?

One thing I am sure of… no matter who wins…. we will be Shake Rattle and Roll into the new year no matter what.  Seriously.  I have heard people from both sides and (in- between) say they can’t wait until it is over.  The ads on TV and all. The robo-calls. The hype. The Self-Applause.  The millions spent. Billions. Could have been put to good use in school libraries. Well, the schools that still have libraries and full time librarians.

What’s going to happen?  What will become of us?    It’s Not For (just)Me to Say!