Feral Cat Face and Collective Nouns

I’d gotten home from school, opened the door, put my school bag down. When I went back to close the door, there was this face- asking.  Asking to eat!  This is one of the two feral cats who were my neighbor’s kittens, one of the two we were able to capture and release after having them neutered and given a rabies shot at Animal Rescue League four years ago now.

Remember my neighbor Ann P. had a clutter, clowder, pounce of cats. I had to look that up as I was thinking “colony” not herd or gaggle.  (click here to see what other animal groups are named under collectives.)  Ann P (90+) passed away and we were able to get two of the four young cats taken care of and those two are still coming around.  Don’t know what happened to the other two.

This one has a particularly expressive face.  (iPhone shot) I call it Long Tail.  The other one has no tail and I call it Bunny Boy but granddaughter Anna calls him Bob which works as he was born without a tail.

feral cat

Maybe you saw an earlier photo of this same cat- in the catnip with the matching green eyes, in the major snow storm or just in my driveway. cat in catnip







13 thoughts on “Feral Cat Face and Collective Nouns

  1. I maybe tender hearted, but that cat looks like he wants to be friends. There seem to be longing in his eyes, and not just for food. I am very grateful that you feed him! Vera

  2. I had NINE gray striped feral cats living in my sunroom 2 winters ago. They are all gone but one who is now a part of my cat family. Sometimes, one or two of the old gang will come back for a meal and then leave again. I often wonder where they go!

  3. A beautiful animal, Ruth, and you’ve captured it quite well. I once adopted a feral kitten, some 30 years ago, and my friends still talk about her. She was a maniac! 🙂

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