After a Day of Football Watching

My son-in-law James and Penny the Golden Doodle, exhausted!  James was happy with the results of two games (Ohio State and Auburn winning)  and said he didn’t care much about the last one- USC and UCLA.  He gave me permission to blog the two of them resting on the couch.  Laura had already headed to bed.

I went down the street to photograph a crazy Christmasy house lit up full force but they’d flipped the  off switch early and gone to bed. Thought that would have been good for the Let There Be Light challenge part two.

The pink afghan covering James has a label in it from my father’s mother Mary Alta Hendricks, who knit it in 1976 at age 84.

Born in 1892.  That was a long time ago.

I’d been knitting all evening while the games were on. Earlier in the day,  my granddaughter Anna and my daughter Laura had been knitting as we all sat on the same couch.  Passed down four generations. There’s another afghan my grandmother knit from Bobbie, she sent it to Laura and James.

Tonight I am in the guest room at Laura and James’ sleeping under a quilt my grandmother stitched.

Thinking of family as the holiday weekend comes to a close.  Grateful for all the love passed down.

Thinking of those nearby and those no longer with us on earth, just in our hearts.

Penny and James

James and Penny are exhausted

QuiltQuilt stitched by my grandmother Mary Alta Hendricks

8 thoughts on “After a Day of Football Watching

  1. Different sofa, different afghan, and different dog but I know that pose very well. It’s so familiar that I find it hard to nap on the sofa by myself. 🙂
    That’s such a beautiful quilt, Ruth, and family heirloom.

  2. I love those “old” quilts. They were made so beautifully and with loves of love. Nice you can share them onto another generation.

  3. Loved the quilts and afghans – they are so much a part of family heirlooms to be passed on. I honestly don’t know, though, if future generations will appreciate them as much as we do.

  4. I adore seeing people of the present comforted by items made by relations from the past. It feels like a hug in my heart.

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