My Grandmother Made This Too






Back home from Thanksgiving holiday break and thinking about being out of the traffic and home, safe, keeping warm.

Getting ready to start a new school week and wondering how it got to be December already.

If you have a doily or a piece of fine crochet, openwork, mounting it on a pillow is a good way to display it.

I thought this was a good  follow-on to my post of my grandmother’s afghan and quilt yesterday.

Downstairs, I have some samplers she made which I’ll post another time.

I sewed this antimacassar onto the pillow top with tiny stitches all around. Click on the word to read about the origin.

Photographed at my sister’s place in NYC.  I don’t  remember but it looks like we used extra upholstery fabric to make the pillow itself.

If you want to read a new crochet blog, my blogging friend Stef just started it (you read her comments on this blog perhaps) Click the link

This may be an example of tapestry crochet but I am sure a reader will set me straight.
home sweet home

9 thoughts on “My Grandmother Made This Too

  1. That is a great idea. Unfortunately I don’t have those treasures. And they are treasures.

  2. Last Christmas I had my grandmother’s crocheted pieces framed and gave them to family members as keepsakes. Pillow is a good idea, too.

  3. What a beautiful piece. I’m confident my creations will be nowhere near that intricate – but I absolutely appreciate your support of my new blog! 🙂 Many thanks kind Ruth!

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