A Quart of Vegetable Soup

A good friend brought a quart of vegetable soup and some homemade bread for tonight’s supper.

Especially welcome as I just got home after being in Ohio for the Thanksgiving break and no chance to go to the store yet.

Simmered the soup and sliced the bread and enjoyed the delicious meal.  Thought of how fortunate I am to have good friends.

My friend J in Omaha trades a quart of homemade soup each week with her friend A.

I won’t return the mason jar empty!

vegetable soup


12 thoughts on “A Quart of Vegetable Soup

  1. The soup looks delish! And the description of eating it with fresh-made bread literally has me salivating. What a great idea to exchange soups among friends. You are a blessed woman, indeed – but I am confident you give just as much as you get. 🙂

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