Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

The challenge said to find shots that weren’t just BIG but “made your jaws drop”.  Hmmmm.  A “wow moment”? Not simple to find.

I thought of slides of Fingal’s Cave in the Hebrides  from a trip with my parents but that would mean digging in a distant closet. I went in a rowboat without a life preserver but they said the water was so cold you wouldn’t make it anyway.

Then I found the photos from a Washington trip to Dry Falls which isn’t the Grand Canyon but still astounding- well, it is when you are standing there drinking it all in.  The postcard shot I managed doesn’t capture the awe of the scene.  Or the grandness.  Maybe tomorrow.  The Western vistas just don’t accompany the one below.

Thinking of a grand moment in life, flipping through fading albums of photos made from actual FILM, I found the one to answer the grand challenge for me.  A picture of a picture, true and how about that turquoise woven web lawn chair?

A grand momentMark now 37    Matthew 33 and Laura just 30 last August.   Photographed in Grafenwoehr Germany on our third floor balcony.

If I had to retitle it, I would call it “love”.

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  3. Ha ha, true ! I don’t know for others, but Matthew looks the same, only now, he is grander ! And look at Laura’s hands ! She is having some “grand” dream…

  4. Grand has to have something of the heartbreaker (in a good way) about it and this delivers in spades! A beautiful shot Ruth, and I bet it doesn’t seem that long ago either. (Love that chair!)

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  8. I’ve got probably over 100 photos of Dry Falls – but I’d pick this one as grand over any of them any day. I love the smiles!!

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  12. Such a great moment, Ruth, forever frozen in time. “Grand” is right!
    We, too, had chairs like that. I think everyone did. It was in the pre-disposable age. When a few of the strips wore out, Mom bought rolls of the stuff and re-wove all of the chairs and a chaise lounge, too. Who would do that today? 🙂

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  14. This sentence made me simultaneously shudder and laugh: “I went in a rowboat without a life preserver but they said the water was so cold you wouldn’t make it anyway.”

    We had two of those old woven chairs when I was growing up! Eventually we wore them out. (Literally.) But it took 20+ years, so I’d say we got our money’s worth.

    A lovely image. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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  16. Hello, me and my brother are your biggest fans here in Croatia! And right there, sitting in that photo is our english teacher and friend, actually more of a big brother now (sorry, Mark and Laura 🙂 ).
    We send you our best regards from far away, keep posting beautiful photos so we can enjoy them!

    Jona & Toma

    • Thank you for your wonderful comment on the blog today. You must have a nice teacher!
      I am glad you are enjoying the photos. Your writing makes my day!
      (Matthew’s Mom)

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