Cotton Candy Man

This was taken at PNC Park last August at a Pirates Game.   People at Work is an ongoing project for me and this is one from the archives.

The WordPress Weekly Challenge didn’t appear in my email today so am thinking of a word to go with this image.  Any suggestions?

Not that one should consume any of this cotton candy confection, but I liked the photograph.

Wonder how heavy it is to carry that palette of cotton candy, so high in the air.

Found an article from Chicago- Behind-the Scenes Ballpark Jobs by Debra Auerbach which discusses food vendors and concessions. And Cotton Candy originated “at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair” says Kitchen Daily Blog where there’s a recipe.

Cotton Candy Man

29 thoughts on “Cotton Candy Man

  1. I really like the contrasting use of focus, sharp on the main character and blurred background showing the masses . . . perfect!

  2. Not THE “Candy Man”. The real one is a lefty. And he didn’t pitch cotton.


  3. Effective balance of light and dark, movement against a static barely-defined background ( the bokeh ), and excellent color splash in the fullness of clear light. A winner overall.

  4. Ruth – This is an outstanding photo. I’ve tried taking photos like this with very little success. They never seem to come out like this one. The appearance of the bokeh is excellent. I love this photo! Good job!

  5. well I do not have a word for this – but I also love the picture – and it was worth posting. On first glance, the cotton candy almost looked like a Dr. Seuss hat or artifact – with out any of the colors. Which brings me to the next thing that grabbed me – that clear powder blue sits so nicely with the splotches of yellow in the blurry crowd (or as another commenter noted, the movement against a static barely-defined background).

    Then – the plastic pegs on the bottom of the cotton candy carrier also adds interest – and the shape made by the worker’s arm (and into his upper back and head with hat tipped up). There is such an artistic feel to this photo – but sorry, still do not have a name to suggest –

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