Can’t Stop Snow and/or Winter Temp Lows

So what to do on a snowy Sunday afternoon?

Shovel shovel shovel, scrape the concrete with a metal edge.

Make a path.

Sweep clean, if possible.     Repeat.   Salt a bit.

Listen to the radio for a two hour delay.  Hear an interview with a Canadian Astronaut.

Plan to leave early enough so you can wend your way to work, precariously.

Wool socks, a shawl, tea, an afghan, a book  turns into a Sunday afternoon nap. Knit a bit.

Heat leftover chili with beans.  Write out a birthday card, find a stamp.

Hear from dear friends in Florida,  worried your pipes are frozen, or you’re driving on I-70 from Ohio. They saw it on TV.  Polar vortex and all.

Steve feeds the feral cats.  Their coats so thick.

No snowplows clear my street yet.   My friend saw a squall.  I just looked out my window before bed. Wondering what morning surprise I’ll find.

Stop Light


Intersection in Bloomfield at a red light

Can’t stop the snow.  The wind.   Or the mercury dropping to zero and way below.

Distract oneself from the fact that it’s winter and

watch Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield sing David Bowie on the International Space Station

like 20 million other people have watched and listened

and wait for Spring.  

11 thoughts on “Can’t Stop Snow and/or Winter Temp Lows

  1. I really like that first photo, I love the way car lights turn out in long exposures. I am really looking forward to Spring 🙂 but I think we have a bit more winter to go before we get there.

  2. My mind is set – forget the snow – pitchers and catchers report in less than a month (I miss Bill McCafferty playing “Take me out to the ballgame”) – and then in 9 (or maybe 10) Mondays opening day at PNC Park 🙂

  3. Wool socks, shawl (sweater for me), tea, an afghan, a book, knitting (crocheting for me), and leftover chili all sound like perfect ways to address winter.

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