Coney Island Counter at Nathan’s

nathanThought a warmer photograph of five people ordering hot dogs (or something similar) would help ignore the winter chill. Wind chill. Every chill.  We’re burrowing in.

Hope the dripping faucets keep the pipe flowing, too.

Rob, good to hear it’s 81 in Florida today.

Check out the flip flops in the photo above.  A few more months. Unless you are Rob!



13 thoughts on “Coney Island Counter at Nathan’s

  1. Here along the FL Gulf coast, schools are closed along with many businesses as we await the possibility of snow and freezing rains this afternoon . . . weather we’re just not equipped to handle well. Hopefully much ado about nothing.

    I think I’ll run up to the store and bring home a package or two of . . . hot dogs!

  2. Can’t say what it is about Nathan’s, but I’ve found memories of eating there, riding the wooden coasters at Coney Island.

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