Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

No, not-  “I  object.

But an item.    A thing.  You know I have so many objects in my files.  I thought I’d focus on one, like the challenge said to do.

Weekly Challenge Creator Cheri Lucas Rowlands said-  “Or you can get creative and find other ways to feature your object — the only requirement is it must be somewhere in your frame.”

Here’s a dusty antique stereoscope from my childhood and the dates on the photos?    1903!  Wish I knew where it came from originally.

A bit before my time. I remember viewing the images with my brother David.  HAve to find the piece that slides on the bar. It’s around here somewhere.


One of the cards had Meadville, PA printed on the edge.  The scene on top is Goats in Norway.  The cowboy on the horse is in Kansas.

Here is the principle behind the stereoscopic images according to Wikipedia

“Two separate images are printed side-by-side. When viewed without a stereoscopic viewer the user is required to force his eyes either to cross, or to diverge, so that the two images appear to be three. Then as each eye sees a different image, the effect of depth is achieved in the central image of the three.”

19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

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  3. I think I’ve seen one at the John Heinz history center. If I remember correctly you can actually look through it and see images. Very cool!

  4. I had a chance to use one of these last year at a local museum (though I cannot for the life of me remember which one!); very cool that you have one in your possession!

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