Street Parking Placeholder

Street Parking Space Savers- revisiting Snowmageddon 2010. Many people are experiencing more snow right now. So is it a Pittsburgh thing? You see all kinds of chairs reserving parking spaces all around the city after someone has shoveled out their space, planning to return to it, later.
I’ve seen a port-a-crib to reserve a parking space!

8 thoughts on “Street Parking Placeholder

  1. As a native Pittsburgher, I totally understand it – if it in front of your house. Haven’t done it this year, yet.

  2. The first time I heard this was a “thing” was three years ago, by a colleague based out of PA. I thought she was kidding… but you have the images to prove it! Crazy. I wonder how this got started in the first place… It’s amazing the different “cultures” various cities have.

  3. You know I have done this. 4 hours of DIGG ( great site) makes the very ground seem somewhat of a prioritization …..despite alienation of your neighbors who MAY BE somewhat more serious …..

  4. Oh, do I recognize that. We’ve always called it a Chicago tradition and I had no idea that it was done in Pittsburgh, too. Here, they use everything from chairs, to tables, to cartons, you name it. Last week I saw crutches leaning against chairs in a spot. A couple years ago, the City said that enough was enough. The garbage crews were going to remove any and all place holders. Well, the outcry was so loud that nothing ever came of it. I’m just glad I have a garage and can avoid the whole mess.

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