Wedding Flowers in the Snow

Happy Fourth Anniversary Charlotte and Joel. What a beautiful wedding it was….married on her Grandparents’ Valentine Wedding Anniversary. So romantic.

9 thoughts on “Wedding Flowers in the Snow

    • I completely agree. It’s a great hybrid of all the things you do well, Ruth: B&W with a pop of color, a focus on people, and telling a story of history and emotions. Truly beautiful – and a great pick (and pic) for Valentine’s Day. 🙂

  1. Pepper jelly and cream cheese! This was Mom’s go-to appetizer when someone popped in unexpected for dinner. She’d serve this with some crackers and then head to the kitchen and go about making sure out dinner would feed the extra mouths. I bet yours was really tasty with homemade jelly.

    • That is so great that it was your Mom’s go-to appetizer. The homemade jelly had a bit of zip and sweet sour tang so it was tasty!
      Thanks for your visit. I know my followers are glad to see you back, John.

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