Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

“Capture something you treasure“,    Krista Stevens at WordPress says this week for the challenge.

What better treasure than friends?

Last snowy Sunday my dear friend Joanne (green pepper jelly maker) emails and says,” Let’s SKYPE at 10:30.”

Okay.  At 10:40 I call,  “what happened?”

Oh ten thirty CENTRAL time!  Got it.

So at 11:30 (my time) the SKYPE rings in on my computer and J says,

I have a house guest- would you like to meet her?

(and I am thinking, why would you want to SKYPE with me if you’re entertaining a house guest?)
SURPRISE!  Look who enters the screen!    It’s  Aïda whom I’ve not seen in 27+ years.  We lived in Granfenwoehr Germany in the early ’80s.

Aïda (from Florida) visiting her daughter and granddaughters at Ft. Leavenworth Kansas and drove up for the weekend to visit J.

Great memories of good times with dear friends.  We were on for more than an hour.  What a nice surprise!  Fun.

Photographed by Aida’s daughter Suzanne.

Joanne and Aida call me



here we are SKYPEing   Joanne on the left, I’m in the middle with the hat! and Aïda on the right


SKYPE friends


You’ve Got a Friend

14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

  1. I “treasure” our friendship Ruth. Now, when are you going to visit me and take your 3 boxes of dishes out of my garage? Maybe I should send a photo of them for your blog ….

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  5. True friends would not speak for ages and then pick up the phone and start off as if they have been talking just yesterday! Very nice shot and great post!

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  8. Long-time friends are amazing treasures; I love how you embrace technology to not only maintain, but deepen your friendships! You are such a cool lady. 🙂

  9. Ruthie your life is filled with wonderful friends because that’s what you are – the most wonderful friend.

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