Washing the Salt Off the Car

You head to the garage and see your car another shade, coated with road salt, winter splash and grime. Crystals and slosh.

There was salt shortage this year so the secondary roads didn’t always get treated. You’d never know there was a shortage to look at the car.

You try to not rub up against it.  On a dry, warm day you make your way to the gas station car wash.

While you’re sitting in the driver’s seat, you watch the car wash water stream, soap, bubble, spray.

You see drops, drips, rivulets, sheets of water in patterns across the windshield.

Capture it with your phone.

You head to the grocery store.

When you come out you can’t find your car because the color of paint is showing again, without the salty haze. Unrecognizable.  Clean.

car wash through a windshield



Soap on the Windshield





soap and brush in car wash













sheets of water on windshield















drips of water




car wash

11 thoughts on “Washing the Salt Off the Car

  1. I’ve not been to one of those washers in some time, Ruth. I take mine to a place that does interiors, too. Yes, they cost a little more but it’s worth it to have my car de-Maxed, even if only for the ride home. His fur gets everywhere in that car.

  2. Something about water droplets that capture the attention. Cool pictures and a clean car, who can beat that.

  3. That looks exactly like the car wash near our place. 🙂

    As a kid, I didn’t know car washes existed – my dad always washed the 2 family car by hand. So at the end of my first winter on my own, I bought a hose, bucket, and oversized sponge, and spent an hour washing my car by hand. As I told my coworkers about it the following Monday, they looked at me like I was crazy. One of them asked, “Why didn’t you just take your car to the car wash?” And I said, “Um, what?”

  4. I had someone pick me up at the airport recently. Not seeing her car, I waited curbside. Finally she stepped out of a car almost in front of me and waved me over to a gray car. I got in and said “I was looking for a red car because that’s what I thought you had.” She said “this IS my red car.” Indeed it was a red car covered with road salt and winter grime …. waiting for a bath.

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