Friday and Saturday

dishclothMy friend Joanne sent me a surprise hand knit dishcloth to go with the dishes she found for me in Omaha, Nebraska.  Celebrating my Fouth of July bday in style this year!



mailing recommendation

Wanted my student teacher to be reassured that her recommendation was mailed in by the deadline!




potatoes sproutingWanted to make soup but the onion and potatoes were sprouting!


SycamoresSteve and I drove to Squirrel Hill to see friends’ art show.  On the way there was an eerie light on the sycamores.Nice work Linda, Pat and Suzanne!






View from the Art Show.  Murray Avenue.

saigon soup

After we picked Mary up at the train we ate Saigon Soup at Tram’s in Bloomfield



easter tree (1)Saturday we had lunch in Columbus with James and Laura.  She set up the Easter Tree



easter treeI am so happy the Easter decorations have a new home with Laura and James now.


SpringLaura put the bouquet in the vase Mark and Erika gave them for their wedding.  I brought her the nest of wooden robin’s eggs too.


NimitzMark likes the Nimitz statue I got for him at the Pacific War Museum in Fredericksburg, Texas.  He put in up on his office shelf next to the book on him.




Maura’s old shoe.  When I moved it the grass was a lighter green.








9 thoughts on “Friday and Saturday

  1. well all the photos were great – but hat view front eh art show (window one) would also make a nice painting – and I love when stuff finds the perfect new home – like with the cute easter decorations….

  2. I LOVE all of the “small” details captured in these images. It’s the “small” moments that make a rich life.

    Even though your potatoes were not fit for eating, they made a very good picture. And the sky behind the trees seemed ominous! I adored seeing the Easter tree – it immediately reminded me of my family. Good times. 🙂

  3. Another nice collection, Ruth. Especially liked the eerily lit trees and the dishcloth, though I’d never use it. I like that Easter tree, too, though I must admit, at first I thought it was a re-purposed pasta drying rack. 😀

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