Tulips, Pysanky and the Food’s On

Traditional Lithuanian Easter Spread from Guest blogger –

Marianne M wrote :

Happy Easter Ruth. Been following your travel blog this week. Cooking ham and kohlbasi and prepping other stuff for 4pm dinner. Made haluska too. Love to the kids and grandkids

And the Easter bread Pasca





What a feast

Thanks Mar!!

8 thoughts on “Tulips, Pysanky and the Food’s On

  1. An “unusual” spread (to me, anyway); but very cool to see how other people celebrate holidays. Thanks for sharing your feast with us, Marianne!

  2. I miss the huge family gatherings around the dining room table when I was growing up! Nobody left but my son and one of my brothers. Jonathan is in Korea so my brother and I ate at a local Italian restaurant looking out over the Ohio River.

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