Carrick High School Art Show – Before and During

Pittsburgh Carrick High School Art Show Opening Monday May 5th.  City County Building downtown Pittsburgh on Grant Ave.  You can go there anytime this week and see the ceramics, jewelry, paintings, drawings and photography.  It looks wonderful.

The art staff along with some volunteer assistants got together on Saturday from 8-2 and set it all up.  This is the seventh year for the show.

Tonight at the opening I went upstairs and shot from the enclosed balcony (hence some reflection)

It was great to see so many students, families and teachers and even the Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Linda Lane came and selected an artwork to be awarded the Superintendent’s Award.


Setting up the art show





Carrick Art Show


And the elegant Miss Hicks came (she taught with us last year and is now at Pittsburgh Roosevelt Elementary)

The statue on the right is Mayor Richard Caliguiri (memorial statue by Robert Berks)

ms hicks and the mayor statue

7 thoughts on “Carrick High School Art Show – Before and During

  1. It looks like it was a wonderful opening night. Art and music are so important in the schools.

  2. Will there be more photos to come? I’m looking for additional day (s) covering this show.

  3. Isn’t it great that so many came out to support these young artists? They’re at a critical age and support is so necessary if they are going to pursue a career in the arts.

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