Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art

Last Monday night at the Art for Change auction I bid and won a very cool work of art by photographer Scott Roller-

this is what I see when I come out of an upstairs room now.

Subway Face.  A poster  in the subway, peeling off the wall.

It is a compelling gaze.  Not sure who it was to begin with but you keep looking at it and wonder.

The deteriorated shape of the poster really adds to the mood and make it original.  Click on Scott’s name and see his 66 Shots series from a trip on Route 66.

He prints, mats and frames his photographs.  Works of art!

Subway Face (1)

SUBWAY FACE   1/10    Scott Roller



Pittsburgh Photo Fair

Welcome to the Pittsburgh Photo Fair at the Carnegie Museum of Art.     What a terrific venue.  Still on for Sunday (5-18-14) from 12-5 if you are in the city




Carnegie Museum of Art

The Cathedral of Learning in the reflection at the Carnegie Museum of Art.


Anna helps decorate her brother Michael’s First Communion Cake.

A work of art!      She wrote his name on it.  A chocolate pound cake- (gluten free) with vanilla buttercream icing.   Thanks to Aunt Mary for helping piece adequate parchment paper into the cross shaped pan so there were no cracks when it was extricated from the pan.

Anna decorates Michael's cake

15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art

  1. Love the reflection shot at the art museum! Love even more the serious look on Anna’s face as she creates her special work of art!!! Perfect!!

    • Thanks Colline. Of course it is even better in person but thanks for looking and writing today. I enjoyed you Spring walk of flowers on your blog.

  2. Anna deco the cake! That is impressive!
    How wonderful to have the Cathedral of Learning. Great photo, Ruth!

  3. very cool piece you brought home – and three cheers for supporting the arts!! way cool – I like the other works of art too – especially that cake – right on! 🙂

  4. what a great variety of works of art. what a cool piece you won! and a great capture of the reflection and the tree – a work in its own right. And Anna doing such a great job. Such focus. thanks for sharing these artful moments.

  5. The photograph you won is so intriguing. Too bad the photographer didn’t give you a little hint. I would probably wonder about that every time I looked at it.

  6. I don’t think I would like seeing that peeling face in my home – kinda freaky. But the art museum – and Anna’s work of art (of course) – both great! 🙂

  7. That is a gorgeous cake and I love the look on her face as she goes about icing it. I really like the photograph, but there is something almost chilling about it too.

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