Cookie Trays Await Saturday’s Wedding

Nice job Marlene!  (Mark’s MIL-and Erika’s mom) has been sending me the photos of the cookie baking and today all the sisters got together and “trayed” the cookies.  I had never  “tray” in a verb form until I lived in Pittsburgh.

Marlene is Godmother of the Bride.

If you’ve been following the blog this week, you’ve watched the progress and everyone pitching in to help.

Here is what they did today and took them to the hall. The hall where the wedding reception will be held tomorrow June 7th.

The Alphabet Stamp cookies are from that well known kitchenware store but I see alphabet letters are available in other locations online so no commercial plug.

We used them at Laura and James wedding and also for Jaclyn and Mike’s wedding.  It is fun to change the little letters to spell out their names.  (Well, not that much fun, they are tiny.) But so satisfying to have them as part of the cookie table display.


Thanks Marlene for the photos for today’s post about the cookie baking this week in preparation for the big day….

I added the last one of the biscotti I baked after school yesterday.  Will bring it to the wedding tomorrow.  xxoo Ruthie


p.s.  My dear friend Donna commented on the cookie table blog, remembering the cookie tables she put together for her son John and his bride Angie’s wedding which was five years ago.    Click here to see her beautiful and delicious baking

12 thoughts on “Cookie Trays Await Saturday’s Wedding

  1. Baking is only part of it …. then the beautiful trays must be assembled with an assortment on each!!!! i forget this!!! 🙂 a “labor of love,” for sure!!!!! Enjoy June 7th, 2014!!!!! Love

  2. Wow! Cookies look fabulous! I remember “traying” cookies for Laura’s wedding. The cookie trays really are a great wedding custom.

  3. The nut roll is actually called Beigli; it’s usually made at Christmas. There is a poppy seed version and a walnut version. I haven made one in years, time to add it back to my Christmas baking.
    The cookies are adorable, perfect for a wedding!

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