Getting Ready for a Couple of Houseguests


My DIL called last night and asked if the boys could stay at Grandma’s house this weekend when the family comes in town for the big wedding.

Since their sisters are flower girl and junior bridesmaid the others will be very busy.

I’ve pulled out the PLAYMOBIL and LEGO and the little indoor tent. Stocking some of their favorite things to eat. Gearing up for company.

Tomorrow at school three classes taking finals  and then I have to read and grade them but at 2:44, I’ll be out the school door and headed to pick up my two grandsons for the weekend at my house. Very exciting.


Jack and Michael

Jack and MIchael share a chair while building LEGO®


8 thoughts on “Getting Ready for a Couple of Houseguests

  1. I love, love, love this photo of Jack and Michael! Have fun this weekend with those beautiful boys!

  2. Aw, I love seeing them share a chair! And I adore their little feet. So cute!

    What are some of their favorite foods you stock up on when they visit?

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