Watching the River AND the Ball Game @ PNC Park

Drove back from Columbus to Pittsburgh with the youngest three grandchildren for a vacation at Grandma’s House.

We went downtown toPNC Park to see  the Pirates game. It was Pittsburgh Public Schools Night.

Wasn’t sure how I’d manage with all three ( 5, 7 and almost 9) but it was fine. There was a mixture of fun and boredom for them.

A hot summer night.  No rain. Saw a lot of students from school and the grandchildren seemed fascinated as the kids called my name.


Our seats had a great vantage point for the activity on the Allegheny River, too.


Gateway Clipper Ships

Gateway Clipper Ships Pass Under Roberto Clemente Bridge on the Allegheny River



Pirates Pitcher

Anticipating the release of the pitch      Pirates lost to Cincinnati Reds 6-5



IMG_9437Entertaining the crowd


Cotton Candy Man

Always like to get a shot of the Cotton Candy Man



Barges and tug boat





Grandkids on way home

A lot of energy left at 10 PM. Home to Grandma’s House.




Take me out to the ball game

9 thoughts on “Watching the River AND the Ball Game @ PNC Park

  1. Hope the ball game wasn’t overshadowed by the activity on the river – looks like there were some interesting vessels passing by 🙂

  2. I never knew they had a Pittsburgh Public School Night at PNC. Looks like everyone had a grand time!

  3. wow Ruth, entertaining a crowd of three grandchildren isn’t easy – I feel the load on my shoulders, even if they are only in my little house, they are aged 1, 3 and 5…

    • Frizz you are right, it is no small task. Such a responsibility. Mine are a little older 5,7, and almost 9 (Anna stayed home in Ohio for swim team obligations. She is easy, going to be 11) Good to hear from you. I always enjoy your music and photographs.

  4. A mixture of fun and boredom sounds pretty spot-on for a baseball game. At least you had great seats that afforded you opportunities to watch “distractions” when needed. 🙂 Great pics! (As always.)

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