Hot Town Summer in the City

Back of my neck feeling dirty and gritty.

This is a photograph without a caption other than waiting. One of my self-assignments is to experience more street photography this summer.

Taken with a 100-300mm Canon lens.  The old lightweight one.  Bought it used for $150 at the Camera Repair store.

Shot through the driver’s side glass when I was at  a red light.  I think I was spotted.


Waiting for the bus (1)

8 thoughts on “Hot Town Summer in the City

  1. I totally think you were made. I love the contrast between that man’s awareness, and everyone else’s obliviousness. NIce capture.

  2. Waiting on public transit – — kind of like suspended animation. This reminds me of the days when we waited for streetcars with no AC back in the 50 s and 60’s. We didn’t know that we were hot and sticky. We were just happy that rails guided us home.

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