Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast


Tonight on the way home from another swim meet, Erika was driving.

And then I saw the lineman working (at 8:44PM), the dark silhouette against the light sky. Camera on my lap from the swim meet. Lens cap off. Click.

Shot from the passenger seat with the 70-200 mm L series lens.  At the intersection of Africa Road and Lewis Center Road, where they are widening the intersection.



The night before I had a similar shot of Michael riding the zip line



michael on the zip line


As the pool closed, Anna spotted a floating Barbie doll.                                          Where?  I had to ask as I didn’t see it right away.

barbie in the pool



Contrasting styles of shoes at the pool.

shoes at the pool




and a couple of swim moms with contrasting patterns


pool moms





gas cansRed Gas cans for the engines for the Inflatables, contrast nicely against the green grass.  You saw the fireworks in yesterday’s post but this another view.


11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

  1. I also liked the contrast of the shoes of the walking-Moms! Nice series of shots for the theme!

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  3. Lots of great contrasts in these images – not only in color and light, but in distance and focus as well. A cool sneak peek into some of your summer days. 🙂

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