Link to One-of-a-Kind Cake Topper Slide Show

Here is the link to the New York Times Style Slide Show.

There was a call to submit an unusual cake or cake-topper so I submitted one via Instagram from a wedding where I was a guest on Valentine’s Day 2010.  It was exciting that it got chosen from the entries.

The Times called the bride, whose cake it was on, to get her permission to use it and hear the story of the cake topper.

It’s the second photo of the slide show with the story in the caption below but just in case…………..

The special story was told by Charlotte Rowell Sellier, granddaughter of Matthew and Catharine Walsh.

It was on top of her grandparents wedding cake on Valentine’s Day 1942

and then on Charlottes and Joel’s Valentine’s Day wedding cake in 2010.

You can read how the cake topper was used by the Walsh’s four daughters and then by all their granddaughters. A wonderful heirloom and family tradition.  Lots of LOVE!

Cake Topper 2 Charlotte and Joel

Charlotte’s Grandfather, Matthew Walsh, owned Jimmy Ryan’s Jazz Club in New York City.

This photo is a bit different from the one posted in the Times.


wedding cake Charlotte and Joel

Here you can see the entire cake but the topper is hidden behind the hearts.

You might remember the post Wedding Flowers in the Snow, the year of the Giant Snowstorm .



(Our friend Joanne thought it would be interesting to see even more cake toppers and their stories so feel free to send them with a pic to me and I will post them in a gallery.)

9 thoughts on “Link to One-of-a-Kind Cake Topper Slide Show

  1. Congratulations, Ruth. Though they chose the topper, it surely would have been overlooked had a lesser photograph been submitted. How cool that the family has not only kept the heirloom but continue to use it in their weddings. 🙂

  2. That is a very special story and an adorable cake topper. Congrats Ruth E for being selected.

  3. Very cool story, especially knowing the Rowells. I love the cake topper! And congrats on having your photo selected!

  4. Nice… I love weddings that use items from the past. Many many years ago (1971) I was unimpressed with wedding cake toppers so we just had a small flower arrangement on top that matched the wedding bouquet.
    Congratulations on your photo being chosen for the collection… although I am not surprised!

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