Lala and Her Lap Dog

Happy Birthday Laura.  

(Didn’t  Erika coin your nickname, Lala? )

What is the definition of a “lap dog”?

A dog who is able to sit on your lap.

Laura and her Lap Dog 1


Penny is a lap dog.



Laura and familyYou at the farm with husband James and his sister Kim and Penny, and niece Anna.



Laura and AnnaEveryone loves Aunt Lala.


Laura jumpigCorny.  But fun.   A jump at the farm.  Hope your birthday feels just like this.

I am so excited you are here in the Burgh. Good timing on the wedding weekend so you get to come to Pittsburgh.



Angel Food CakeI baked an Angel Food cake. Not sure why I did it in this Angel Food loaf pan this time.  Looks a tad cracked on top.

You always called it CLOUD CAKE.

We’ll add some fresh berries and ice cream.


Laura and Her Lap Dog (1)

Without the shades this time. Thanks.  love you lots.

Happy Birthday dear daughter.  Love. Ma


11 thoughts on “Lala and Her Lap Dog

  1. Great pictures! Happy birthday to Laura and may she have many many more happy and healthy ones.

  2. My pooch is not as big as that dog. But – he is not a lap dog & believes that he is too.

    Happy Birthday to Laura! 🙂

  3. I love how Lala and Penny are wearing matching colors in this shoot. And I think the jumping corn shot is great! Lala looks like she was a dancer- or is a yogi. 🙂

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