A Florida Rainbow Appeared When Michael was Born

Tampa Florida is his birthplace.

You’ve seen him sport the orange and blue in the scarlet and gray Buckeye Country.

Michael Joseph is 9- August 21st.  

Last single digit birthday. An avid Lego® builder, likes to play chess and is a good swimmer in the pool. 

Happy Happy Birthday Michael.  

love, your Grandma

Mark holding Michael
Mark holding newborn Michael in Tampa Hospital with a rainbow in the background

With Mom Erika at Cousin Vicci and Ben’s Wedding  2014IMG_5724and dancing at the wedding


Michael has been featured on the blog many times but today is his day. In fact this photo was my first post on the blog

Michael and murph

And just last weekend he did the WipeOut Obstacle Course at Ohio State TWICE!

18 thoughts on “A Florida Rainbow Appeared When Michael was Born

  1. All the pictures of Michael are adorable, but I love the one of him standing in the corner. Happy Birthday Michael.


  2. Happy Birthday young man. Hope you also realize what a cool grandma you have!!
    Ruth – still love checking your photos… they make me smile, ponder and wonder! Thank you


  3. What an amazing service you are providing to your family, capturing not only images of them as they change and grow, but personal stories to accompany the pictures. So, so wonderful.

    Happy Birthday Michael! Enjoy your last single-digit year. 🙂


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