Bocce in Bloomfield – Little Italy Days

Three years ago I photographed men playing Bocce under the Bloomfield Bridge on a regular Bocce Court.

 And again at Little Italy Days last year.

 Today after school, I was in Groceria Italiana picking up some ingredients for dinner and I saw the street closed off again and the men playing Bocce.  The big tournament of matches is this weekend, teams competing against one another, the final matches on Sunday.  

The gentlemen I photographed today said to get their picture today cause they wouldn’t be playing too long before being eliminated.   One of the men was in a photograph I put on the blog three years ago. They were very gracious and remembered my photographing before.  Looked it up right there on my phone and found the post with his photo.

This afternoon turned into a photographic study for me, anticipating the release of the ball, I forgot to go right home and make dinner I got so engrossed in watching.

The balls reacted differently depending on the direction they were thrown, due to the grain of the astroturf which is NOT the usual surface played upon.


Bocce Courts in Bloomfield



Bocce Courts in Bloomfield 2

Bocce in Bloomfield 4




Bocce in Bloomfield 6




Bocce Courts in Bloomfield 3

Farther back to give the feel for the length of the court.



Bocce in Bloomfield




Bocce in Bloomfield 2


Alternating sides. 


Bocce Courts in Bloomfield 4


Trying to get as close as possible to the little white ball at the other end.



And the photograph from three years ago on the Bocce Courts under the Bloomfield Bridge. Moonrise over the Bocce Courts. The gentleman in the photo above is third from the left.


10 thoughts on “Bocce in Bloomfield – Little Italy Days

  1. Thursday’s weather looked ideal for their practice sessions. Hopefully you will have 3 more lovely days for everyone to enjoy the bocce and all the wonderful Italian food.

  2. Now that I’ve seen the pictures I must look up the rules. I would have stopped and watch also.

  3. Does this post ever bring back memories, Ruth. The men in the family often played bocce in our backyard on Sunday afternoons. I can still here the clink of the balls and the resulting expletives. Thank heavens none of our neighbors were bi-lingual. 🙂

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