Ohio River Fog Before Sunrise, Then Clear Reflections









Sunday morning I met my friend and her son to photograph his senior pictures at the boathouse where he rows.

It was foggy and felt like fall.

I could hear a tugboat chugging along the river but could just make out the lights. Not even an outline.

Then as the time passed the bridge was visible and the fog burned off.  It was a beautiful morning.Railroad Crossing in the Fog


Getting down to the river.







Pretty thick fog.

tugboat in fog

You can see the lights of the boat.




Can’t see the bridge




IMG_0678Front row seating on the Ohio River




IMG_1038 Visible bridge now.


IMG_1034Daylight burned off the fog




IMG_1052Like a mirror, barely a ripple




Ohio River Reflections

Sun and light, reflections.




Ohio River Reflections



Ohio River SkyOhio River Sky



Chairs on the RiverWith the fog burned off







Holy Family in a wishing wellWhat I saw when I drove home. Holy Family Wishing Well.


14 thoughts on “Ohio River Fog Before Sunrise, Then Clear Reflections

  1. I was driving through fog that gradually burned off yesterday morning and so frustrated that I couldn’t stop to take photos, your photos are so atmospheric!

  2. Living along the Ohio River near Louisville, I can really appreciate the fog along it. I think the Fall is the time when the fog is the thickest and I really kind of enjoy seeing it because I know that as soon as it burns off, the sun will shine! Gorgeous reflections, Ruth!

  3. Whoa – that fog was crazy! And if you hadn’t put the “before” and “after” pictures in the same post, I would not have recognized the early versus mid-morning scenes as the same places. Wild!

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